The Tablet calls for the Church to reconcile with LGBT+ Catholics | Quest

Citing the recent successful pilgrimage to Rome by members and supporters of the LGBT+ group based at London’s Jesuit Church of the Immaculate Conception, Farm Street, The Tablet (16 March 2019) describes the Church’s traditional language about gay men and women, especially the phrase “intrinsically disordered”, as “frankly incomprehensible”.

It continues: “The reconciliation of the Church with its gay and lesbian members cannot simply mean trying harder to persuade them to adhere to traditional teaching. If they fail, they can experience a burden of anxiety, guilt, and low self-worth which is a breeding ground for mental illness”.

The leading article acknowledges that “at a pastoral level there is increasing acceptance that gay Catholics benefit, just as others do, from being in loving, stable, long-term relationships”.

Source:  Quest

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