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It is disappointing that after earlier statements that they were preparing to ban so-called gay “conversion therapy”, the government has now backed off.

Ms Doyle-Price ruled out legislation, saying: “We remain of the view that a blunt legislative tool is not the right vehicle for achieving this goal.

Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price has now stated:

“Conversion therapy is a broad term for a range of techniques and practices: creating a criminal offence would be challenging at the most fundamental level, as it would be difficult to define holistically.

“In attempting to define therapy for people dealing with issues related to sexuality there is a real risk that there may an unintended, negative consequence for valid therapies.”
– Pink News

Once again, Tories are showing they just don’t have the balls to do the right thing, In New Jersey, a court described conversion therapy as “consumer fraud”, because

a) homosexuality is not a disease, so there can not be any “therapy”, and

b) it cannot be changed – sexual orientation is innate.

None of the many existing jurisdictions that have banned the practice have encountered “unintended consequences” – there is no need to fear any.
There is a case for therapy that is not based on attempted conversion (for example, to deal with the challenges of prejudice, discrimination and coming out in a hostile environment).
There could be a case for religious groups to offer counselling, to deal with any perceived conflict between one’s innate orientation and religious teaching.

There is no case for coupling these different issues under one umbrella. All that is required, and which really must be done, is to insist that any practitioners in this area avoid coupling the words “therapy” and “conversion”.

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