Cardinal’s Lack of Clarity Raises Questions About Gender Identity in Catholic Education – New Ways Ministry

Unclear comments by the United Kingdom’s leading Catholic prelate have raised questions about just what he meant to say on the topic of gender identity in Catholic education.

At a conference for educators in the archdiocese, Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster (London) gave an address in which he reiterated the importance of teaching children they are part of a common humanity while rejecting a harmful individualism which he said marked the present age.

In the course of his remarks, the cardinal referenced both shifting norms on sexual behavior and a fluidity in terms of gender identity that are being increasingly accepted in society. He said, in part:

“At a time of great confusion about the rules of sexual behaviour, about exploitation and abuse in every part of society, some firm points of reference, that are already built into our humanity at its best, are of vital importance. In an age of fluidity, even in gender identity, and at a time when the response to ‘difference’ is to become closed in a self-selecting world of the like-minded and reject that which is different, such foundations [of a common humanity] are so important. They affirm that there are ‘givens’ which come with birth and with solid identities and which project across generations. They help up [sic] keep hold of the reality that we are not single, self-determining individuals but members of a great family, with all its trials, diversities and struggles, and within that family, not alone, will we find our greatest joy.”

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