In Zambia, transgender and intersex issues take center stage | Religion News Service

LUSAKA, Zambia — The rejection and suffering of Zambia’s intersex and transgender communities must end, and anyone who stigmatizes them is a sinner, said Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) Chairperson Bishop Paul Mususu.

EFZ is the largest mother body of Christian denominations, churches, mission agencies, and individuals in Zambia, with more than 225 registered affiliates.

Mususu added that churches should rise up to defend the plight of intersex people because they are created by God, and there is nothing criminal about their existence.

“I want to propose the recognition of a third sex in Zambia. Let intersex be included on all documents, starting with birth certificates, to avoid subjecting the intersex community to so many procedures, discrimination, shame, and emotional torture,” he said.

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