Reviving the Role of Conscience in Catholic LGBT Discussions – New Ways Ministry

Recently, Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, Germany, discussed the teaching on with a German magazineand he specifically applied the teaching to homosexuality. Crux reported on the interview:

“German Cardinal Reinhard Marx has stated that decisions about sexual morality must be discerned according to a well-formed conscience, respecting “the interplay of freedom and responsibility.”

“The chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference said in a new interview that a person ‘has to be guided into the full reality of the faith and heed the voice of the Church. It is not sufficient to say that one knows by oneself whether something is good for you, or not. That would not constitute a conscientious decision-making process in the context of the Gospel.’

“Speaking to the German magazine Herder Korrespondenz, Marx affirmed that this also applies to homosexuality.

A ‘truly comprehensive assessment of the severity of guilt’ is not possible without looking at the individual’s conscience, without looking at his reality, at the concrete circumstances.”

Source:– New Ways Ministry

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