Church Faces “Galileo Moment” on Homosexuality Says Bishop – New Ways Ministry

A New Zealand Catholic bishop has said the Church faces a “Galileo moment” on homosexuality, one being led by young people. Other prelates in the country have opined on LGBT issues as well while speaking at workshops for youth, exhibitiing the dialogical Church called for by Vatican II and sought by Pope Francis.

Bishop Stephen Lowe of Hamilton said it is youth and young adults who are leading the church on LGBT issues. NZ Catholic reported that he told the audience at the Aotearoa Catholic Youth Festival, where three bishops each gave a workshop:

“‘I think young people are prophets of the Church. They always have something to say to the Church. And that’s what has come up. Young people want the Church to be more engaging with them (LGBT people),” [Lowe] said.

“He said the issue of homosexuality may be a ‘Galileo moment’ for the Church.

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