Sr Jeannine Grammick, reporting on the “Rolling the Stone Away” conference to remember the history of the LGBT movement and to look toward future needs:

But it was a remark by Rev. Nancy Wilson, the former Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Church, which stayed with me and sparked some serious reflection. When I met Nancy, she greeted me enthusiastically, saying, “Years ago, when I read about your situation, I knew the sisters were on our side!” I have since thought about Nancy’s words, and I believe she was right on target.

My LGBT ministry was certainly not “mine.” It belonged to “the sisters.” My congregational leaders had vision, imagination and foresight. They were readers, thinkers and women of action who tapped into needs that had been too long neglected by our church. From the 1970s, three successive provincial leaders of the School Sisters of Notre Dame assigned me to lesbian/gay ministry. (At that time, there was no discussion or awareness of transgender issues in the Catholic community.)

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