S African Archbishop stresses “accompaniment” for gay Catholics

Asked about the Church’s stance on homosexuality, Brislin said gay people have always been part of the Church and continue to be. “It’s very distressing to hear that gay people sometimes don’t feel at home in the Church. The Church should be home for gay people.” He said he believed the Church did not accompany people sufficiently and does not have enough of the personal touch in people’s lives.

“The fact of the matter is that in our parishes we have gay people who come to church and who are very good Catholics and who try to live the best life they possibly can.”

Referring to a study conducted by the South African Institute of Race Relations which concluded that there was no conventional ‘family’ in South Africa, the archbishop said it was important that the Church does not “stand in judgement of people, even if they are in irregular [divorced and remarried] relationships”. He said that the Church must always encourage people to live the best lives they possibly can. He said that if people can put their circumstances right, the Church must help them to do it. “My fear is that we sometimes just judge people and we say we can’t help. Pope Francis, on the other hand, says we should be accompanying people and walking with them.”

Source: Spotlight Africa

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