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PCN Chair, Adrian Alker, calls on all churches which claim to be inclusive, to say so publicly. He shares a parishioner’s letter which could be adapted by any church member to persuade their church council to take action.

LGBTQ people welcome? Then say so!

The United Kingdom has become a remarkably more tolerant and inclusive nation in matters of its citizens’ sexual orientation than we might have envisaged twenty years ago. A Tory government introduced changes in the marriage act to allow same sex marriage. The support of LGBTQ people and the fight against discrimination can be seen throughout the mainstream media, in employment legislation, in greater sensitivity in schools, at FA football grounds and other sporting venues…

Yet in the established Church of England and in other Christian denominations there is still much work to do if the inclusive love of God, seen in Jesus, is to be experienced as a reality for all people who might look to church communities for help, support and affirmation.

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