On Coming Out, Queer Catholic Says “I Think Hope is Huge” – New Ways Ministry

The Advocate featured a queer Catholic woman as part of its series for National Coming Out Day on LGBT people of faith–and she is someone newly connected to New Ways Ministry and Bondings 2.0!

Lizzie Sextro

Lizzie Sextro identifies as a faithful Catholic who is also queer woman. She shared her coming out story which involved bringing together these two identities through what she described as a “difficult process.” The Advocate reported:

“Sextro, a self-described ‘cradle Catholic’ originally from St. Louis, came out as queer in 2012, when she was an undergraduate at Loyola University in Chicago. ‘Coming out at college was really easy,’ she says. ‘I had a lot of supportive friends.’

“She was able to resolve any conflict between her queer and Catholic identities, she says, through her studies and through talking with those supportive friends who had been through similar experiences.

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