Gay people in the church: Why anti-LGBTQI speech by church leaders is hurtful moralising, not free speech | The Mercury

Observations by former Catholic priest Julian Punch, author of “Gay with God”:

COMMENTS by Roman Catholic Archbishop Julian Porteous and Dean of the Anglican St David’s Cathedral Reverend Richard Humphrey that Yes campaigners for marriage equality are engaged in disrespectful and sometimes hateful speech in the postal vote debate intrigue me.

As a gay man I have lived my whole life in the shadow of a church where men climb into a pulpit or speak from an remote privileged position, pontificating that men and women like me who are gay, are “unnatural, immoral and decadent”.

This hurtful moralising is always about a divine right to make such claims but this has suddenly become translated to be about free speech or religious freedom and they say they are victims when we dare to call this disrespect for what it is.

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