LGBT Christian Groups to Meet in London, 2019

The European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups has announced that its 2019 Annual Conference will be hosted by its UK-based member groups in June 2019, in London.


The UK member-groups include: Evangelical Fellowship of LGBT Christians,  LGBT Catholics Westminster Pastoral Council, Metropolitan Community Church North London, Quest, The Sibyls. A number of other LGBT Christian groups around the UK, although not members of the European Forum, have also expressed interest in supporting the 2019 Conference. This will be the third European Forum Conference to be held in the UK – previous venues have been Uxbridge (1988), Edinburgh (2000), and St. Alban’s (2008). The founding gathering of the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups took place in Paris, in 1982.

Martin Pendergast, Acting-Chair of the 2019 Conference Planning Group said:

When we see so much fragmentation around Europe – border restrictions, and increasing homophobic and transphobic actions – LGBT Christians and their allies will provide a prophetic voice for an inclusive, welcoming commitment to the common good of all European citizens, particularly LGBT+ people, parents and families. Brexit may or may not happen, but we’re all European even beyond the EU!

The UK Conference will follow the 2018 Conference which will be held in Albano, near Rome, 9-13 May 2018.

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