Polish nun ‘silenced’ for speaking out on abuse

Polish nun 'silenced' for speaking out on abuse

File Photo, Pope Francis greets a group of nuns during his general audience in Paul VI hall at the Vatican Aug. 22
Photo: CNS photo/Paul Haring

Poland’s most senior nun has been banned from further media contact after condemning the sexual abuse of religious sisters by Catholic priests in her country, and welcoming the Pope’s recent highlighting of the issue.

Source: Polish nun ‘silenced’ for speaking out on abuse

Letter from German Catholics Calls for “New Start on Sexual Morality” – New Ways Ministry

Leading Catholics in Germany have released an open letter calling for a “new start with sexual morality” that includes a call for a re-evaluation of the church’s approach to homosexuality.

“[N]ine theologians and Catholics in leadership positions have called for reforms within the church. They call for a ‘new start with sexual morality’, including a ‘reasonable and equitable assessment of homosexuality,’ according to the letter in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung (FAS). ‘If you put yourself at the head of the reform movement, you have us determinedly behind you,’ says the appeal, which is also addressed to all other bishops. ‘Open a new page, write “2019” on it, and start,’ write the signatories. . .

“Furthermore, the theologians demand a ‘genuine separation of powers’ in the church: ‘This fits better with the humility of Christ and within the framework of the laws that apply to all.’ They also call for an opening of the ordination office for women and the abolition of compulsory celibacy for diocesan priests. . .The theologians also urged Marx to point out at the [Vatican] conference that abuse in the church ‘also has systemic reasons’. . .They also speak of a depressed mood in the parishes: ‘The sun of justice is no longer possible, and under a leaden sky the joy of faith withers away.’”

Source: Letter from German Catholics Calls for “New Start on Sexual Morality” – New Ways Ministry

Canadian gay bishop marries in Toronto cathedral

From Gay Star News:

An Anglican gay bishop has married his partner surrounded by friends and family at a cathedral in Toronto.

Bishop Kevin Robertson has married his partner Mohan Sharma at St James Cathedral in the Canadian city.

I do: Bishop and his husband after the Toronto ceremony.

Bishop Susan Bell of the Diocese of Niagara carried out the ceremony, which took place on 28 December.

Source: Canadian gay bishop marries in Toronto cathedral

Marriage Counseling Service Backed by Irish Bishops to Welcome LGBT Couples – New Ways Ministry

A marriage counseling program run by Ireland’s bishops will now provide services to same-gender couples.

The service, known as Accord Catholic Marriage Care Service CLG, had previously not welcomed same-gender couples, given it is supported by the Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference. But changes in how the Irish government funds counseling programs has prompted Accord to make its policies LGBT-inclusive

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Letter from Rome | Commonweal Magazine

……..as the last absolute monarchy in the West (and most anywhere else in the world), the organization of the Roman Church has become an anachronism. It made sense when monarchies were a fundamental feature of human society. But no longer.

This outdated model of the Catholic Church’s structure no longer incarnates the reality of the lived experience of believers, the staggering majority of whom live in societies that are becoming more and more, and to varying degrees, participatory and representative democracies.

Source: Letter from Rome | Commonweal Magazine

50 Years Later, Lessons from “Humanae Vitae” Debate Readily Applicable to LGBT Issues – New Ways Ministry

Last Wednesday marked the 50th anniversary of Humanae Vitae, Pope Paul VI’s encyclical known primarily for its novel ban on artificial contraception. In the subsequent decades since its promulgation, there have been few magisterial teachings as controversial and as rejected by as many faithful as this document. To mark the anniversary, Catholic publications have published a number of analyses about the encyclical and its ongoing impact (see National Catholic Reporter’s series here and Commonweal’s issue here).

Theologians Michael Lawler and Todd Salzman have written a commentary which while not explicitly addressing LGBT issues is quite insightful and relevant to our discussions. I recommend reading the essay, which you can find here, in its entirety.

Source:  – New Ways Ministry

Pro-LGBT Irish Catholics Claim Discrimination by World Meeting of Families – New Ways Ministry

We Are Church Ireland has claimed organizers of the upcoming World Meeting of Families are discriminating against the group because of its reform-minded views, including those about LGBT equality.

We Are Church Ireland (WAC) said in a statement that it had yet to receive any reply about its application to exhibit at World Meeting of Families 2018 (WMF), which is scheduled for  August 21st-25th in Dublin.

Source:  New Ways Ministry

The Nuts and Bolts of Creating A Sexual Ethic – Queer Theology

When it comes to sex, you probably have a lot of people telling you what you should and shouldn’t be doing. For those of us seeking to figure out sex within a progressive, LGBTQ-affirming Christianity, it can be tempting to look outside of ourselves for the answers. If the conservative pastor tells us one thing about sex, maybe we should look to a progressive pastor to tell us something different.

I’m not going to do that.

I trust you — yes you! — to formulate a sexual ethic that works for you and is in alignment with your faith and your values. That doesn’t mean that it exists in a vacuum, or that you can’t (or shouldn’t) consult others — trusted friends, spiritual leaders, mentors, and even sacred texts — but what it does mean is that ultimately, the buck stops with you.

Source:  Queer Theology

New Zealand Bishops Acknowledge Church’s “Shortcomings” on LGBT Inclusion – New Ways Ministry

New Zealand’s bishops have acknowledged the Church’s “shortcomings” in providing relevant pastoral care, especially when it comes to LGBT inclusion.

Cardinal John Dew of Wellington, speaking as vice-president of the New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference, said in a statement:

“‘[The nation’s bishops] humbly acknowledge our shortcomings, especially with regards to particular groups in society, such as the LGBT community who have felt a very real sense of rejection through the Church, or perhaps in falling short in fully meeting the needs of our recent migrant communities. . .We hear too the call of those who want to see our actions speak louder than our words, by living out the values that Jesus represents.’”

Source:  New Ways Ministry

University Chaplain in Scotland Dismissed for Calling Pride a “Gross Offense to God” – New Ways Ministry

A Scottish priest has been removed from his chaplaincy position after hosting a prayer service condemning Pride festivities.

Fr. Mark Morris, the Catholic chaplain at Glasgow Caledonian University, was terminated by the University last week after leading a “rosary of reparation for the gross offense to God which is Glasgow Pride.” The prayer service was held at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in the city, where Morris is pastor, against a backdrop of some 55,000 Pride celebrants.

In a statement announcing the priest’s termination, the University said it was “extremely disappointed” in him, reported CruxUniversity Chancellor Pamela Gillies commented:

“‘The views implied are antithetical to those held by the University, which is strongly inclusive. We actively respect and promote equality and diversity, and this has included having an official presence at the last two Pride Glasgow events.’”

Source:  New Ways Ministry