]South African Church Approves Gay Clergy, Same-sex Blessings

History made as South African Church Votes to Bless Same-sex marriage and Ordain Gay Ministers | O-blog-dee-o-blog-da

Dutch Reformed Church Theological College

YES! for Gay People in Dutch Reformed Church – NG Kerk  – There were Tears of joy after the announcement.


By Melanie Nathan, October 08, 2015.


History was made in South Africa today, when the synod of  what was once probably the most conservative church on the planet, the Dutch Reformed Church, (NG Kerk/ DRC) in an overwhelming majority,  voted in favor of ordaining gay ministers and blessing same sex unions.

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Transgender priest sings praises of understanding | Stuff.co.nz

The Rev Sarah Jones was at the centre of a looming tabloid scandal when she decided her best option was to “out” herself as the UK’s first ordained transgender priest.Jones, who was born a boy and was married before divorcing and changing gender, is in New Zealand to talk about God and sexuality, and to tour her music at folk venues and churches.

Ross-On-Wye, she jokes, is a little like the village in  The Vicar of Dibley. But  as in the television series, most of her parishioners have become her biggest supporters.

“I’ve had wonderful support but it isn’t universal.

“There are people who are gay or transgender and go to a church and get negative reactions.

“It hurts me to think that someone who is queer or transgender feels they can’t go to church or that religious people will look down on them or try to change them.”

Jones said all religions needed to be more inclusive.

Source: Transgender priest sings praises of understanding | Stuff.co.nz

How To Handle Bigots Without Saying A Word

Sometimes, the best way to handle bigots is to do it without saying a single word.Dean Paton joined a group protesting at a gay pride parade in Chester, England, on Saturday with a sign of his own. But instead of threatening fire and brimstone, his sign pointed out that homophobes are statistically more likely to be gay themselves.

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La « famille chrétienne » n’existe pas | Témoignage Chrétien

La tradition est sauve : « Le Synode sur la famille n’impose ni ne propose rien de nouveau… » Tel est le diagnostic dépité du théologien et historien André Paul, avant la dernière session du Synode. L’auteur connaît bien le dossier du mariage. Le reproche le plus lourd qu’il adresse à l’Église est son ignorance du sexe et de l’eros dans la construction familiale, et d’avoir fait du mariage une excuse pour le sexe, à condition toutefois qu’il soit voué à la procréation. L’amour que défend l’Église, juge-t-il, n’est pas celui selon Jésus mais celui des écoles pythagoriciennes.

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Archbishop Discusses African Bishops’ Silence on Criminalization of LGBT People | Bondings 2.0

At the family synod daily press briefing, New Ways Ministry executive director Frances DeBenardo asked African Archbishop Palmer – Buckle about the reluctance of African bishops to oppose their countries criminalization of homosexuality, in the light of the real persecution of gay men and lesbians that it encourages:

Palmer-Buckle’s answer:* “I can tell you that when the Holy Father, the pope, on his plane ride back from Rio de Janeiro, said ‘Who am I to condemn [judge]?, it had huge repercussions in our country. But some governments in Europe said we would not get their money without supporting marriage.  I agree with the Holy Father – that people who are different from us are sons and daughters of God and we have to welcome them and be able to open the doors of the church to them.  In Ghana we do this.  Yes, they are human and they have human rights, and their human rights and dignity should be respected and upheld.”

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Is the Catholic Church about to welcome the LGBT community?

Is the Catholic Church reaching an LGBT tipping point? The short answer, for anyone so buoyantly optimistic as to expect the imminent arrival of Elton John whirling a thurible round his head and backed by a leather-clad heavenly choir, is: No!

The Catholic Church remains, for the most part, deeply suspicious of homosexuality: as for transgender, the word is that – despite the claims of mostly right-wing, reactionary evangelist types – the term, let alone the issue, has scarcely registered the quietest of blips on the Vatican radar.

Still, something is stirring: if this is not a tipping point, it may yet be the moment that the balance is beginning to shift towards greater, more open acceptance, which, by my calculation, might just break out sometime around 2030. And that’s 15 years hence – not half eight this evening…

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