Half of Anglicans have no problem with same-sex relationships · PinkNews

A new survey has revealed half of Anglicans see nothing wrong with same-sex relationships, as the General Synod prepares to debate the issue.

The Church of England is to debate the issue of same-sex marriage on Wednesday, but the findings from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey showed that 50 percent of those who identify as Anglican believe same-sex relationships are “not wrong at all”.

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Evangelical Anglicans Challenged On ‘High Levels Of Homophobia’ | Christian News on Christian Today

Evangelical Christians are being urged to repent of their homophobia by their fellow evangelicals.

A handful of ‘affirming evangelicals’ who believe the Bible does not condemn homosexual practice have written to their colleagues on the Church of England’s ruling General Synod calling on them to admit their prejudice.

Five members of the Evangelical Group on the General Synod wrote to the pressure group outlining ‘significant concern’ over the ‘the high levels of homophobia that appear to go unacknowledged and unchallenged’.

The letter highlights deep divisions over gay relationships that run throughout the CofE, even among evangelicals who are traditionally seen as conservative on sexuality.

Signed by Anthony Archer, Canon Simon Butler, Gavin Collins, Dr Angus Goudie and Jayne Ozanne, the letter urges conservatives to admit the harm of gay conversion therapy and the ‘desperate consequence for Christian mission of the Church’s teaching on sexuality’.


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World cardinals back pope after anonymous attacks by conservatives | Reuters

Senior Roman Catholic cardinals from the around the world defended Pope Francis on Monday against a spate of recent attacks from conservatives challenging his authority.

In an unusual move, nine cardinals in a group advising Francis on Vatican economic and structural reforms issued a statement expressing “full support for the pope’s work” and guaranteeing “full backing for him and his teachings”.

The statement was unusual in that the cardinals – from Italy, Chile, Austria, India, Germany, Congo, the United States, Australia and Honduras – customarily issue statements only at the end of their meetings, which are held four times a year.

The statement said the cardinals expressed their solidarity with the pope “in light of recent events,” which Vatican sources said was a clear reference to the attacks.

Source: World cardinals back pope after anonymous attacks by conservatives | Reuters

“New era, new name” – British LGBT Faith Groups Merge


14th February 2017 marks a very significant shift in the identity of two organisations that have campaigned for LGBTI+ liberation and integration in churches in England for over forty years. LGCM (formerly the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement) and Changing Attitude England become OneBodyOneFaith, united to campaign together for the changes that we need to see for LGBTI+ people to fully embraced and for their gifts and contributions to the life and mission of the church in England to be fully realised.

OneBodyOneFaith: affirming gender and sexuality in Christ

§  OneBodyOneFaith is ecumenical –  we include and represent Christians across a range of UK denominations and are open to all who share our vision. And of course, you’ll recognise that our new name is Biblical – 1 Corinthians 12:12 and Ephesians 4:4-6 – and draws on Paul’s vision of the Christian community as a body where everybody’s gift is necessary, welcomed and encouraged to flourish.

§  OneBodyOneFaith asserts the need for doctrine to be theology that takes seriously that life is embodied: the incarnation of the Son of God as Christ shows us that the salvation and redemption are achieved through positively embracing human sexuality and gender; it follows that the range of created sexual attraction and gender in creation are God’s gift and purpose.

§  Members of OneBodyOneFaith seek to participate fully in a church that is purposeful in its mission to the world; we believe that the Creator’s purpose is fullness of life for all: this requires that Christians embrace the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identity present within the body of Christ to enrich that mission to be agents of transformation for all.”.

Source: New era, new name | LGCM | Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement

Sinn Fein renews pledge to campaign for same-sex marriage – BelfastTelegraph.co.uk

Sinn Fein has renewed its commitment to actively campaign for same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland.

Signing a pledge to work to legislate for marriage equality party members Gerry Kelly, Caral Ni Chuilin and Megan Fearon said there is a growing demand for a change in law.

Sinn Fein's Caral Ni Chuilin, left, Gerry Kelly and Megan Fearon launch the party's marriage equality pledge in Belfast
Sinn Fein’s Caral Ni Chuilin, left, Gerry Kelly and Megan Fearon launch the party’s marriage equality pledge in Belfast

Sinn Fein and other parties have tried to force through new laws to lift the ban on gay marriage in five separate votes in the Stormont assembly.

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Malta’s Rapid Shift on LGBT Rights Is Case Study for Other Catholic Nations – Bondings 2.0

Crowds in Malta celebrating Pride Week

Malta has elected the nation’s first transgender politician, a sign of just how far on LGBT rights a country where Roman Catholicism remains the state religion has come. A closer analysis of this shift could help Catholics in other regions in their own journeys towards equality.
Alex Mangion became Malta’s first transgender politician when he won a local election as the Partit Nazzjonalista (Nationalist Party) candidate, reported The Independent. But support for LGBT rights in the conservative party that had controlled Malta’s government since the late 1990s is a recent development, and came only after its 2013 defeat to the Partit Laburista (Labor Party) who had made LGBT rights a major platform item
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Former Miss Universe Reconciles Catholic Faith with LGBT Equality – Bondings 2.0

Pia Wurtzbach relinquished her crown as Miss Universe on January 29, 2017, but right before doing so, the model/actress posted a message on a Time magazine website in which she explained that her support for LGBT equality was not in conflict with her Catholic faith.

Wurtzbach, a citizen of the Philippines, who became Miss Universe in 2015, wrote a post for Motto.Time.coma website owned by Time which allows celebrities to state their opinions on whatever subjects they choose.  Wurtzbach began by describing the culture in which she was raised:

“I am Filipino, and like the vast majority of people in my country, I am a proud Catholic. I have a steadfast faith, and my religion is an essential element of who I am. Growing up, my family regularly attended mass, and I studied at a school that taught Christian fundamentals.”

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